Our 7-step lawn care treatment program utilizes high quality granular fertilizers to provide proper turf nutrition in optimal quantities at the correct times of year. The results are improved health, color and density of your lawn.  We employ an Integrated Pest Management (IPM) approach to control grassy and broadleaf weeds and we guarantee our work with free service calls if needed between applications.


Early spring                                                 

As your lawn awakens from a long winter, we apply a balanced fertilizer to maintain a healthy green color and a crabgrass preventive. This is one of the most important applications because preventing crabgrass is much easier than trying to eliminate it once it has become established. 


As spring is in full bloom, we apply a slow-release fertilizer with iron to maintain a vibrant green color throughout the season and add a second crabgrass preventive as part of our weed free guarantee.

Late spring / Early summer                                                              

As summer is starting to heat up, we apply a slow-release, well-balanced fertilizer with iron. This helps maintain good color during summer stresses like heat and drought.  

Late spring / Early summer

Blanket spraying for undesirable broadleaf weeds.

Mid-Summer / Late  summer

As the heat of summer sets in we will apply a balanced fertilizer for these dry periods.  We will inspect for surface insects, disease and Nutsedge and you will be notified if additional action is required.  We also spot-spray for broadleaf weeds at this time. 


As summer comes to a close, we apply a well-balance, slow-release fertilizer.  Fertilizing at this time of year stimulates healthy root growth for a stronger turf, and helps your lawn green up and recover from the summer stress, we also spot-spray for broadleaf weeds at this time. 

7. Late fall / Winter

Our final application for the year is a special winter fertilizer to slowly feed your lawn through the late fall and early winter, without forcing new growth. This late treatment helps with early spring green up because the roots have stored necessary nutrients over the winter. Lawns that do not receive a winter application take longer to green up in the spring.